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Jack Clark

Jack Clark is a primary site for pupils aged between 4 and 11 years old. Jack Clark caters for pupils with a wide range of SEND, including autistic spectrum condition, moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties, hearing and visual impairments, specific genetic conditions, physical difficulties, specific communication and language difficulties and social, emotional and mental health needs.

Pupils at Jack Clark are well supported in the classroom and are given the right environment, provisions and resources along with specialist teaching to achieve to the best of their ability. The curriculum at Jack Clark is topic-based which covers all aspects of the EYFS and primary curriculum. Teaching and learning, linked to the National Curriculum, are delivered in a cross-curricular manner to ensure learning is embedded and meaningful and to immerse pupils in the topics. Prior learning is often revisited to embed key concepts, skills and knowledge. Pupils also learn through Exploration Weeks, which are weeks of immersive learning that cover stand alone topics within the curriculum.

All pupils follow approaches to learning that are personalised, differentiated and engaging, resulting in pupils reaching their full potential. Independent learning is actively encouraged at all times where possible, and opportunities for independence are provided frequently, in and out of the classroom to help prepare our pupils for adulthood (PfA).

A total communication approach is used at Jack Clark to develop an effective communication method and approach for each pupil. The total communication approach supports pupils to successfully make their needs and wishes known in whatever way they can. Staff respond to each pupil’s method of communication and this enables them to continue to develop their communication skills. Some of the methods of communication used include Makaton, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), communication aids, Intensive Interaction, alongside verbal communication and other communication strategies.

Pupils at Jack Clark are supported with their social and emotional needs through various approaches, including Zones of Regulation, Team Teach and Positive Play. Behaviour Support Workers assist pupils to access lessons and help pupils if they become dysregulated. High staff to pupil ratios are present in every classroom.  Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCPs) outcomes are broken down into smaller steps on Individual Learning Pathway Plans (ILPPs) and these are used to help pupils build on their academic progress as well as their emotional, independence and social skills.

Jack Clark has 60 pupils on roll split over 7 classes. Pupils are grouped together depending on their academic needs; methods of communication; the classroom environment; provision and resources required and appropriate peer groups. Class sizes are small with a maximum of 12 pupils per class and a minimum of 6 pupils per class.

Other facilities present at Jack Clark include a Ball Pool, Sensory Room, Immersion Room and a Sensory Circuit Room. There are also various designated spaces around school used as break out areas and to provide opportunities for reading.


School Hours

Start - 9.00am

Finish - 3.15pm


 To see Jack Clark staff, please see the 'Our Staff' page

Term Dates

East SILC School Calendar 2023-24

Autumn Term

Autumn term 1 starts - Monday 4th September 2023

Autumn term 1 ends - Friday 27th October 2023


Autumn term 2 starts - Monday 6th November 2023

Autumn term 2 ends - Friday 22nd December 2023


Spring Term

Spring term 1 starts - Monday 8th January 2024

Spring term 1 ends - Friday 9th February 2024


Spring term 2 starts - Monday 19th February 2024

Spring term 2 ends - Thursday 28th March 2024


Summer Term

Summer term 1 starts - Monday 15th April 2024

May Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May 2024

Summer term 1 ends - Friday 24th May 2024


Summer term 2 starts - Monday 3rd June 2024

Summer term 2 ends - Friday 19th July 2024


School training days for academic year 2023-24

Monday 4th September 2023

Tuesday 5th September 2023

Wednesday 6th September 2023

Monday 22nd July 2024

Tuesday 23rd July 2024





  • White polo shirt
  • Navy jumper/ sweatshirt with East SILC logo
  • Dark coloured trousers/ sweatpants
  • Dark coloured footwear


Photo Gallery

 All photos taken by Lottie Bone Photography - 

Jack Clark

All photos taken by Lottie Bone Photography -