John Jamieson School

John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty

Values, Aim and Ethos

Values, Aims and Ethos

Our ethos and values are at the core of everything we do.



We aim to enhance educational, physical, personal and spiritual development and well-being, by taking into account the individual needs of all pupils in the school environment. By working together as a multi-disciplinary team, the school aims to provide a holistic approach to learning.

Mission Statement/ Ethos
Personalised pathways to successful learning and continuous achievement.


  • Provide a safe, happy environment which supports the learning of every pupil.
  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum which is relevant and differentiated to meet the needs of the individual.
  • Write Individual Learning Pathway Plans (ILPP) and Individual Behaviour Programmes (IBP) (where necessary), which are shared with parents/carers and revised regularly throughout the year.
  • Communicate information using home-school books, diaries, letters and newsletters, Twitter or using parents/carers preferred form of communication.
  • Offer regular consultations to discuss pupil progress in addition to a pupil’s School Report, Education and Health Care Plan review meetings and Transition meetings.
  • Work with Children Leeds to ensure the provision of safe and efficient transport, if required.
  • Continue to extend mainstream opportunities for inclusion across the key stages.
  • Continue to extend work-related learning experiences for older pupils.


Core Values

At the East SILC we believe that ‘Every Day is a Chance to SUCCEED’. We provide a bespoke system that underpins and runs throughout our core values for staff, pupils and all stakeholders.

Support - support and provide opportunities for all pupils and staff members to maximise their potential

Understanding – understand the individual needs of all our pupils

Compassion – awareness, kindness and providing positivity for self-worth

Commitment – commitment to the learning and growth of all staff through Professional Development and delivering a personalised learning experience for all pupils

Empathy – to understand or feel what another person is experiencing

Enjoyment – exciting and meaningful learning and enthusiasm for work

Dignity – respecting feelings, cultures and values and treat each other as individuals. We promote the right to feel valued and respected.

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