Medical Needs Teaching Service

The Curriculum

The Curriculum
Children and young people access suitable and flexible education appropriate for their needs. The service aims to maintain and progress the young person’s learning by addressing their needs through their personalised education plan (PEP), in liaison with the child or young person and their own school. We are commissioned to provide the core subjects of English, maths, science, primary and SEND.

In addition to the ildren and young people supported by the MNTS may study for a range of tests and examinations according to their educational needs and in co-operation with their own school e.g. SATs, Key Stage assessments, GCSEs etc. It is the statutory responsibility of the school at which the child or young person is on roll to ensure schemes of work are provided for the MNTS and to make external examination entries. Transfer arrangements may be made to allow the child or young person to take their examinations in hospital, at home or at the Queenswood Education Centre. This is the responsibility of the examination officer in the child or young person’s home school to arrange.

The Enriched Curriculum
The curriculum is enriched and extended, for example by bringing professional musicians and artists into the classrooms and wards. We have links in the community with Leeds College of Art who provide workshops and help to organise visits to their premises and music through Artforms who provide music tuition at the hospital sites. After the public examinations, Year 11 students at the Queenswood Education Centre have the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities. This may include puppet making, script writing, music, photography and creative work. We have a small team of learning mentors who support children and young people all year round including during the school holidays. They provide opportunities and enrichment activities in collaboration with the health professionals. Activities have included a film making project, photography and music workshops.

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