John Jamieson School

John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty

Student Council

Welcome to our School Council.

The School Council has a representative from every class and we meet every half term. Representatives of the school council are chosen by members of their class at the start of the year and serve for the whole year.
Michael Waddington and Lyndsay Thorp chair the School Council meetings. If you want to change something or add something to this area of the website let us know. It is our site, so let us know what will make it  brilliant!

The Council is a forum for students' opinions and concerns. It's thoughts and findings are distributed throughout the school. In many cases suggestions made by class representatives are acted upon by our management team.

The School Council also provides representatives  to sit on the East SILC Parliament.

This charter was devised by all students to the High School on behalf of all pupils at John Jamieson School. The drawing up of this ‘Bill of Rights’ is the culmination of many hours of work and it included assistance from parents and staff as well as input from the pupils themselves.

It was agreed that pupils have the right to:
  • be given the time to speak, to be listened to, to express opinions, to complete work and to attend to personal needs including eating, drinking and going to the toilet in order to ensure privacy and respect
  • be addressed directly whenever possible rather than through a third party in an age appropriate manner
  • independence, and to only be helped when help if requested or when our physical disability prevents us from attempting the task in hand
  • be positioned in a variety of ways during the school day including time to spend out of our wheelchairs if we should require it
  • be given responsibility
  • privacy without constant adult supervision and attention at the school times of the day
  • your patience and confidentiality
  • expect no jokes or disparaging remarks at our expense 
  • be taught in a quiet, structured and calm atmosphere
  • not to have our lessons interrupted unless there are exceptional circumstances
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