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Setting safety and privacy settings for social media apps
Facebook  Facebook
Minimum age: 13
Facebook’s privacy settings let your child control who sees their posts and timeline.
Click or tap the padlock icon at the top of any page and this takes you to Privacy Shortcuts in the drop-down menu for further instructions. On the mobile app you will find it under More at the bottom of the screen. 
Your child can also block someone (click or tap the padlock icon on the right side of their timeline, then select How do I stop someone from bothering me and type in their user name), and report abusive or offensive content (choose Report post after clicking the arrow to the right of the name of the person, orReport group by clicking on the three dots to the right of Notifications at the top). On mobiles and tablets, go to Privacy Shortcuts (see above) and then click on How do I stop someone from bothering me.
Find out more here(link is external).
Minimum age: 13
To set Instagram posts to private, your child should go to their profile by tapping the person icon. Then, tap the gear icon (iOS) or the three dots icon (Android) and turn on the Private Account setting.
Your child can also block and remove followers by tapping their user name, then the three dots icon and selecting Block User.
Find out more here(link is external).
Minimum age: 13
Snapchat has two privacy settings, one for who can send your child Snaps and another for who can view their Stories. To change these privacy settings, tap the gear icon in the top right of the Profile screen to access Settings. To change Who Can Send Me Snaps within Settings, tap Send Me Snaps and choose from Everyone or My Friends. To change Who Can View My Stories within Settings, tap View My Storyand select either EveryoneMy Friends or Custom. Any changes will be saved when you press the back button.
To block someone, go to My Friends, tap on the name of the person you want to block, then the gear icon, which brings up a list of options. Click Block.
Find out more here(link is external).
Minimum age: no specific T&C but in their privacy policy they say that their services are not directed to people under 13.
Your child can choose to protect their tweets so they are only visible to the Twitter followers they have approved. On the Web, find Settings under your small profile pic, top right.
Go to Security Privacy settings, scroll down to the Tweet privacy section, tick the box next to Protect my Tweets and click the blue Save button. On a smartphone, go to Me, tap on the gear icon (iOS) or overflow icon (Android), select Settings and choose the account you’d like to edit. Then, for iOS devices, go toProtect my tweets and tap On and for Android devices, go to Other and tick the Tweet privacy box.
To block someone on the website and mobile, click on their tweet, select the three dots icon, then clickBlock. You can also Report a user or comment here.
Find out more here(link is external).
Minimum age: 13 for an account, no minimum to watch videos
YouTube is very popular with children of all ages. You can watch videos without creating an account or (over 13s only) log in with a Google account to upload videos, comment and vote.
If you’re worried about your child watching inappropriate content on YouTube, you can set up Restricted Mode. From your computer or tablet, click on the drop-down menu at the bottom of any page on YouTube and select ‘On’. To prevent your child from making changes, lock Restricted Mode for that particular browser – you’ll need a YouTube account to do this. 
To access Restricted Mode on mobile, you’ll need to go to the Menu and look under Settings.
YouTube also allows you to flag, report and block videos, comments and accounts. To block or report a user, go to their channel, click About, click the flag icon and choose from the drop-down menu.
To report a video, click on More and select Report.
To report a comment on a video, hover over the comment, click the arrow in the top right corner and use theReport spam or abuse link.
Find out more here(link is external).
YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids is designed for children aged 12 and under
Google recently launched the YouTube Kids app, designed to offer only child-friendly content. You can’t make comments or upload your own videos to YouTube Kids.
Parents can also turn off the search feature and set a time limit for how long their children can browse.
All the videos on YouTube Kids should be appropriate for children, but if you come across something you think has made it through by mistake, you can report it. Tap the menu icon at the top of the video player, choose Report and then choose Yes.
You can find information for parents here(link is external).
Minimum age: 13
Pinterest is a service for sharing and organising images, videos and other media. Users upload their own content (called Pins) to their Pinboards. They can also save (or pin) other media that shows up in their Pin feed to their Pinboards. 
To keep a Pinboard from showing up to search engines, under your name at the top of Pinterest, click thegear icon, Edit settings, and change Search Privacy from No to Yes. Click Save settings to confirm the change.  
You can’t completely hide your Pinterest profile from other users, but you can make specific Pins private by putting them on a secret Pinboard. Secret boards are only visible to you unless you give other users permission to view them. (See above, right)
To report an inappropriate Pin in your Pin feed, click the flag icon at the bottom of the image and choose your reason from the pop-up menu.
Read more here(link is external).
Thanks to ParentZone for compiling this guide.
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