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John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty

Post 16 Phase

Post 16 at The East SILC

The Post 16 programme of study at East SILC has a core focus that is driven by the intention to prepare our learners for adulthood, whatever pathway the students are accessing. Students access a curriculum that is designed and directed by themselves as well as other stakeholders such as parents, carers and staff through consultation at the beginning of each academic year. We aim to provide a curriculum that focuses on students’ long term aspirations and identifies appropriate steps that need to be made to progress towards achieving these aims.

Skills that students often identify they want to learn often include:


  • Self-help and independence skills development through cooking, financial responsibility, off-site leisure activities, enterprise activities and developing their understanding of adult feelings and emotions,
  • Physical / mobility development through off-site sporting / leisure activities,
  • Self-confidence through work–experience, internships, sports and physical activity, college link course opportunities and broader life experiences, such as residential visits and authentic adult opportunities.


Students are encouraged to take as much responsibility for their learning as possible and independence is encouraged at all academic levels.  We want our students to take pride in achieving individualized targets that are attainable, appropriate yet aspirational.


  1. The development of independence skills for 16+ pupils is essential
  2. We support students to express their views and develop informed plans for the future
  3. Pupils develop self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness
  4. We support students to take part in community and leisure events
  5. Enhance and develop communication skills
  6. Structure access to developing plans for the future
  7. The provision of individualised learning pathways and a bespoke curriculum
  8. Students have access to work related learning where appropriate
  9. Students experience extended transition through college links courses (off site learning).

Recent activities of note:

  • Students ran a successful afternoon tea in December to raise funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance which was open to all members of the school community. We raised £170 and the event was a pleasant social occasion, enabling different community members to engage and interact.


  • The school participated in the Compass House cross-SILC business enterprise which involved students developing a range of business skills in order to produce a business opportunity for our students. These skills included market research, logo and concept design, making products to sell and being involved in the running of a market stall at Leeds City Market in December, working alongside the other SILCs that participated. It was a good social opportunity that raised £370 for the enterprise fund.


  • Our third residential visit to London was in October for three days and was hugely successful. The students had a lot of first experiences, including going to a gig at a record store. In addition to this, we have 17 confirmed attendees on our residential visit to Portugal in May 2019. In order to raise funds for the visit, we have already completed a bag packing session at ASDA at Killingbeck, raising £220, but are also planning to raise money through a school rave, car washing and arranging a number of gigs by well-known musicians at a range of venues across Leeds. The students have met with an event organiser at one of the venues to complete an action plan around this.


  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme continues to be a successful curriculum subject and the students benefitted from learning new skills in boxing and first aid, and this term join a local focus group that target litter picking in Roundhay Park.


  • Our work experience and internship model maintains itself as a model that is preparing our students for adult life. The new intake at Keeper’s Café are making good progress and the two interns at Branching Out are making outstanding progress. One of our students at John Lewis has had a really positive experience and we are hoping that we have a new student starting their by the February half term. We are currently also scoping new work experience opportunities for other learners.


  • We now have an extensive careers action plan that has been identified by an external adviser as ‘excellent’, and that will enable us to make positive steps towards ensuring the Gatsby benchmarks are being met by 2020. The school has accessed government funding to have a member of the SLT trained in Careers Leadership over this academic year, allowing the leadership team to have a knowledgeable oversight of the curriculum development. We are also looking to re-train one of our school Careers Advisers to be our school co-ordinator, who we anticipate will drive our careers delivery forward.



Accreditation is delivered primarily through ASDAN, with students able to work on modules within the Personal Progress, Personal Development Plan and Personal Social Development schemes of work. Units are taught via specific lessons and also as an integral part of cross curricular lessons and topic work.  Students also have opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award in silver and bronze, and a range of Arts Award courses. Students at a strong Entry Level 1 and above will also be entered for Functional Skills accreditation. ASDAN short courses on Employability, Workright, Foodwise and SRE are also delivered as appropriate.

Anticipated accreditation opportunities for students working on different pathways are identified below:


Communication: Sensory

  • ASDAN Personal Progress Award
  • ASDAN Personal Progress Certificate
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme BRONZE
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme SILVER
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme GOLD
  • Arts Award Discover

Communication: Towards Independence

  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme BRONZE
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme SILVER
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme GOLD
  • ASDAN PSD Entry Level 1
  • ASDAN PSD Entry Level 2
  • Arts Award Discover
  • Arts Award Explore
  • OCR/AQA Functional Skills
  • ASDAN Workright
  • ASDAN Foodwise
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze/Silver

Communication: Independence

  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme BRONZE
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme SILVER
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme GOLD
  • ASDAN PSD Entry Level 1
  • ASDAN PSD Entry Level 2
  • ASDAN PSD Entry Level 3
  • ASDAN PSD Level 1
  • ASDAN PSD Level 2
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver
  • Arts Award Explore
  • Arts Award Bronze
  • OCR Functional Skills
  • ASDAN Employability
  • ASDAN Foodwise
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