Physical Difficulties & Medical Services

The East SILC is recognized as a leading innovator in the use of Assistive Technology to enable students with diverse physical difficulties to access the curriculum. "Thanks to the work of the ICT service my son has a fantastic IT solution that works for him and is flexible enough to meet all his academic needs. This has lead to him being more independent in his learning and recording of his school work, which in turn has given him the confidence to continue to succeed at school." Jane Sanders.

Touchscreens are ideal for cause & effect activities..Three post 16 students demonstrate very different technology solutions..Scaffolding supporting early literacy..EyeGaze systems have made huge strides in recent months..

Physical Difficulties & Medical Service

The Physical Difficulties and Medical Service consists of four key provisions.

1. A helpline service - the first point of contact for education settings with enquiries about all issues relating to the inclusion of children with physical difficulties or long-term medical needs. Contact 0113 8275426 and ask for June Wilson or Gillian Hope.

2. School access and curriculum outreach - Expert assessment advice and guidance in relation to teaching and learning for children and young people aged 2-25 with complex physical and medical difficulties.

  • Assessing needs and requirements.
  • Advice and guidance in relation to training, equipment, resources and curriculum delivery to ensure full access to the appropriate educational setting for children and young people.
  • Preparation of resources for use in the school.
  • Co-ordination of professionals meeting to identify access needs of individual pupil. This could include the physiotherapy team, local authority access officer, moving and handling team, estate management team and staff from the educational setting.
  • Advice on individual risk assessments available, e.g. fire evacuation.
  • Bespoke advice on personalising the curriculum to ensure the physical needs of the pupil are met e.g. communication of learning whilst in a standing frame, appropriate positioning of both pupil and resources in class setting.
  • Awareness training for both staff and students e.g. staff meetings, assemblies.

3. ICT assessment service to schools. Contact Peter Fletcher or call 0113 8275426 and ask for June Wilson or Gillian Hope.

ICT assessment service to schools for children and young people with complex physical and medical needs.
  • ICT assessments, including the detailed specification of equipment recommended and supplier information.
  • Develop monitoring system to review the use of equipment recommended and identify further training needs.
  • Specialist training in the use of the approved equipment and software to both school staff and pupils (where necessary parents / carers maybe included).

4. Safe moving and handling training service to schools / Mobility and Equipment advice (contact or phone 0113 3900770 ext 274)

Safe moving and handling training to educational settings.

  • Development of risk assessment in relation to the safe movement of pupils including ‘evacuation’ advice.
  • Recall service for refresher training.
  • Provision of policies on safe movement of children with disabilities.
  • Bespoke guidance and advice on meeting the intimate care needs of pupils.

Provision of advice and guidance in relation to equipment.

  • Advice on appropriateness of equipment requested.
  • Advice to schools in relation to facilities required to support young people with PD and medical difficulties (e.g. laptop, eye gaze, etc).
  • Support health colleagues audit location of resources.
  • Signpost educational settings to appropriate professional support e.g. occupational therapist dietician, nursing team and continence advisory service.

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