Overview of Accreditation

Overview of accreditation at East SILC 

Overview of accreditation

Pupils at the East SILC are able to complete a range of accredited courses from various providers. Pupils can start to access accredited courses from KS2 until they leave the East SILC in Year 14. The intention of accreditation is to help pupils progressively build upon their knowledge and skills and celebrate their achievements. Accredited courses help pupils achieve their next steps in their learning, provide motivation and help pupils meet specification for a job or further education.

Below is a list of accredited courses that are currently available to pupils across the East SILC. Pupils will only access courses that are relevant to them, not necessarily all courses that are available.


Accreditation in each Key Stage

Key Stage 2:

  • ASDAN New Horizons

Key Stage 3:

  • ASDAN Lifeskills Challenge

Key Stage 4:

  • Pearson Entry Level Certificate in English
  • AQA Entry Level Certificate in Maths
  • AQA Entry Level Certificate in Science
  • ASDAN Towards Independence
  • ASDAN Foodwise Short Course
  • Arts Award Discover
  • Arts Award Explore

Key Stage 5:

  • ASDAN Personal Progress Award
  • ASDAN Personal Progress Certificate
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme Bronze
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme Silver
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme Gold
  • ASDAN Personal and Social Development Entry Level 1
  • ASDAN Personal and Social Development Entry Level 2
  • ASDAN Personal and Social Development Entry Level 3
  • ASDAN Personal and Social Development Level 1
  • Arts Award Discover
  • Arts Award Explore
  • Arts Award Bronze
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver
  • ASDAN SRE Education Course
  • ASDAN Workright Short Course
  • ASDAN Employability
  • OCR Functional Skills English
  • OCR Functional Skills Maths


This accreditation covers a wide range of abilities and allows the pupils to attain at a level appropriate to their abilities and progressive skills. It is a bespoke level of accreditation that is valid and relevant to each pupil. The accreditation on offer allows pupils a degree of flexibility as to what they can attain, whatever pathway they may be in. The accreditation best prepares each pupil for their individual life after school. It allows pupils to obtain QCF points appropriate to their attainment levels, and the ‘shorter’ courses offered represent the interests and skills of pupils hoping to make specific progress in areas they are interested in vocationally, or in areas they may need to make key progress in. The key aim is to develop progress in key areas of learning for each individual pupil to prepare them for their individual pathway into adult life.


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