Communication and Social Interaction
Difficulties with communication and social skills can directly impact on our students’ self-esteem, confidence, emotional well-being, friendships and relationships. Good communication and social skills will support our students to become independent, confident, and active members of their community.  At the East SILC, staff are committed to ensuring all students achieve the very best progress in their speech, language and communication. 

 Speech and Language therapy at the East SILC

The East SILC Speech and Language Therapy team provide support for our pupil's understanding, expressive communication and social skills. We work closely with school staff and family members to help learners to get the best out of their communication. This includes:
  • Assessment of speech, language and communication skills
  • Identification of communication needs
  • Goal setting
  • Monitoring and evaluation of our students speech, language and communication needs
  • Providing general advice and specific strategies to support and develop communication
  • Contributing to progress reviews and Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)
  • Providing individual and group therapy programmes. 
  • Ongoing mentoring and training for staff
  • Parent workshops
  • Evaluation of the whole school communication environment

The NHS therapy team also provide assessment and management of eating, drinking and swallowing needs.  

Please speak to the school Speech and Language therapist to find out if your child/young person is accessing Speech and Language therapy. If they are not currently being seen by one of our SaLTs and you have concerns about their speech, language and communication needs you can complete and return the referral form below. 

All children/young people are also entitled to access NHS Speech and Language therapy services. You can refer to their service on their website.

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