John Jamieson Aims
We aim to enhance educational, physical, personal and spiritual development and well-being, by taking into account the individual needs of all pupils in the school environment.  

By working together as a multi-disciplinary team in partnership with pupils, parents/carers, mainstream schools and Education Leeds, the school aims to provide a holistic approach to learning.

In January 2005, all special schools in Leeds underwent a transformation to become a Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre (SILC).

The SILC’s strategic aims are to:
  • Provide choice to parents/carers by maintaining specialist provision in centres of excellence for children and young people with more complex needs.
  • evelop the capacity of mainstream schools to successfully include and provide appropriate learning and personal development programmes for children and young people with a wide range of individual needs.
  • Work in partnership with schools, other agencies and services to improve and develop services and provision to benefit children and young people with special needs.
  • There are 5 wedge-based generic Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres across the City and, due to its location, John Jamieson is referred to as the East SILC.
John Jamieson Mission Statement
Personalised pathways to successful learning and continuous achievement.

  • Provide a safe, happy environment which supports the learning of every pupil.
  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum which is relevant and differentiated to meet the needs of the individual.
  • Write Individual Learning Pathway Plans (ILPP) and Individual Behaviour Programmes (IBP) (where necessary), which are shared with parents/carers and revised regularly throughout the year.
  • Communicate information using home-school books, diaries, letters and newsletters, an internet-based Learning Platform or using parents/carers preferred form of communication.
  • Offer regular consultations to discuss pupil progress in addition to a pupil’s School Report, Education and Health Care Plan review meetings and Transition meetings.
  • Work with Children Leeds to ensure the provision of safe and efficient transport, if required.
  • Continue to extend mainstream opportunities for inclusion across the key stages.
  • Continue to extend work-related learning experiences for older pupils.
Parents/Carers as Partners
We place great value on developing a meaningful partnership with parents and carers. We are fortunate in having interested and supportive parents/carers, including a very proactive parents/carers group which meets regularly.

We operate a genuine open door policy, but ask parents/carers, where possible, to let school know if they intend to visit. Communication is supported through a home school diary which is used every day.

Friends of John Jamieson
This is a group of parents/carers who organise fund-raising and social events for school. All new parents and carers are made aware of the ‘Friends’, and are encouraged to become involved in some aspect of their valuable work.

Over the year, the Friends organise social events which families can attend. This provides opportunities to have contact with other parents/carers like themselves.

The Friends endeavour to promote events which enable whole families to socialise in a relaxed setting.

Anyone interested in becoming involved with the group would be most welcome.

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