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Leeds Children's Hospital Curriculum

At Leeds Children’s Hospital young people access daily teaching, according to their medical need, from Day 5 of a hospital admission (or from Day 1 for recurring patients). Young people who are well enough can access The Learning Zone, a classroom suitable for all ages; alternatively, teaching at the bedside is provided, for those unable to leave the ward. We have a presence at MDT meetings and take advice from clinical staff when timetabling lessons. 

From Reception age, children and young people have a curriculum offer which covers the core subjects at each Key Stage. All young people receive a daily lesson, tailored to their specific needs.

The curriculum is focused on an individualised approach, with all students having a Personalised Education Plan to support their progress. Liaison with schools is essential for longer term and recurring young people, and we encourage the on-roll school to provide the current schemes of work to enable each student to transition back into school smoothly when they are well enough.

Some enrichment is built in and around this central offer; in this setting, this includes enrichment from outside agencies, for example: Ukulele Kids’ Club, Brightside Music, Discovery and Read for Good.

Primary Teaching

For Reception age pupils, MNTS deliver an individualised curriculum based on the Prime Areas of Learning, Specific Areas of Learning and their associated Early Learning Goals. As appropriate to need, this curriculum will extend into the early months of Year 1.

At Key Stage 1, we deliver the core primary curriculum, again individualised and with a focus on lively, engaging lessons. We also prepare children for the Phonics Screening Check in Year 1, and the SATs in Year 2.

At Key Stage 2, we deliver the core primary curriculum, again individualised and with a focus on lively, engaging lessons. We also prepare children for the Year 6 SATs.

Secondary Teaching

Year 7 to Year 11 students receive a daily offer of English, maths or science, planned and delivered by specialist secondary subject teachers. Timetabling ensures a balance of subjects across the week and aims to provide consistent staffing to enhance progress. We prepare young people for core subject GCSEs (or Entry Level qualifications) offered by the full range of examination boards.

Complex Needs

For young people with complex needs, we offer a Total Communication approach: where appropriate we use Makaton, Intensive Interaction, Tacpac, Picture Exchange Symbols and support a full range of strategies requested by the on-roll school. The content of this highly bespoke curriculum is created in response to the medical and educational need of each young person. Our SENCO works in collaboration with school to set realistic targets based on what the young person is accessing when well. Where available, the EHCP is used to inform planning.

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