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Parent Coffee Morning 13th Oct: Intensive interaction09 Oct 2017Parent Coffee Morning 13th Oct: Intensive interactionParents/carers are invited to attend our coffee morning on Friday 13th October, 10.30-12. The morning will focus on Intensive Interaction as part of the National Intensive Interaction week (9th-15th Oct).

Intensive Interaction is a method of communicating with individuals with severe or more complex learning disabilities and/or autism.  However, it is increasingly used with other populations too (e.g. individuals with dementia).  It is for individuals that are at the early stages of communication development who need to develop the ‘fundamentals of communication’.  It supports the individual to relate better to those around them and to learn to enjoy communicating with others.  

The principles of Intensive Interaction are based on the natural communication development of very young children, but the approach is applicable to all age groups.  It can be used to teach or just as a way of being with people, and can be done anywhere and at any time.  Intensive Interaction requires the communication partner to adjust their communication to a developmentally appropriate level for the individual concerned.

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