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John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty

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International Intensive Interaction week 8-14th October 2018: Day 613 Oct 2018International Intensive Interaction week 8-14th October 2018: Day 6Intensive interaction 'flash mob' success! 

We took over the hall at 11am on Thursday morning and were pleased to welcome students and their staff interaction partners to our Intensive interaction flash mob.  We were able to share this event with some visitors to the school and some of our non-teaching staff. We had student representatives from our Primary, High School and Post 16 phases. Intensive interaction can be used for children and adults of any age.  

We want all our students to be able to enjoy social interaction and develop their skills so they can engage in a positive way with others. Intensive interaction can support us to achieve this for many of our students. 

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