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How to have a happy family Christmas14 Dec 2016How to have a happy family Christmas

Holidays aren’t good times for conflict resolution or behaviour management training. 

Young children get overstimulated easily and misbehave, so provide down time. Underscheduling helps avoid conflict - there often isn’t time for everything planned.

Also, try to remember past family conflicts to anticipate and avert them.

•    Avoid argument triggers or topics that brought on fights, bad feelings, or defensiveness: parenting methods, gift giving, who’s caring for elderly parents, accomplishments, and...POLITICS! If you find yourself wanting to say something that might seem critical, walk away. 
•    Limit time with people you’ve had arguments with before.
•    Let others decide things of low importance. 
•    If adult children are bringing friends home, decide sleeping arrangements in advance.

How to calm things down

•    Use humour: don’t tease, but tell a joke or do something silly to ease tension.
•    Pick a place (an area of the house, the park etc) to go if things get uncomfortable. 
•    Change the subject or take a time out by saying something like ‘I’m tired—let’s talk later.’
•    Be able to give in or let go (even if you are right!).

Thanks to Parent Info for this article.

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