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Bonfire Night05 Nov 2015Bonfire Night"TOO NOISY!!!
With fireworks likely to go off from now until next weekend it can be very stressful for children who find the unexpected loud noises so difficult to bear.   It would be great to start now with a strategy that builds a self help skill that works wherever the child is...but it does takes time. 
Show the picture...put your fingers in your own ears... then say loudly 1...2...3...BANG! then take your fingers out . You can demonstrate how to reduce the noise and practice a strategy of counting followed by' bang'. You can use the 'fingers in your ears plan' when you know there will be fireworks if you have practiced it first!
Sometimes the anxiety and fear is heightened by the unexpected noise, but the counting helps. It is so much more meaningful if the people the child loves and trusts use the same strategy. It's not a perfect strategy but wouldn't it be great if the children could enjoy watching the bright coloured spectacle and share the excitement of a night sky that is lit so spectacularly."
 'Gina Davies Autism Centre' (

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