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The East SILC is recognized as a leading innovator in the use of Assistive Technology to enable students with diverse physical difficulties to access the curriculum. "Thanks to the work of the ICT service my son has a fantastic IT solution that works for him and is flexible enough to meet all his academic needs. This has lead to him being more independent in his learning and recording of his school work, which in turn has given him the confidence to continue to succeed at school." Jane Sanders.

Touchscreens are ideal for cause & effect activities..Three post 16 students demonstrate very different technology solutions..Scaffolding supporting early literacy..EyeGaze systems have made huge strides in recent months..

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Clicker Webinar11 Nov 2014Clicker WebinarPeter Fletcher was the special guest on Crick Software's Clicker webinar on 11th. November. Peter talked about how he uses Clicker with older children who have a range of physical difficulties. Using technology to provide PD students independent learning solutions was the theme of his web presentation.

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