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CHILDREN IN NEED 2019 at The Learning Zone

Here at the Learning Zone we ❤️ @ReadforGoodUK. Delighted they have a film on tonight's Children In Need @BBCCiN. Tune in from 7:30pm to see their amazing work!

PSHE in the Learning Zone - October 2019

A new display for PHSE has been beautifully created in the Learning Zone. The focus is to show that it is ok to be different and recognising what makes yourself, and others, special.

Charlie's Science Lesson - October 2019

Charlie is having a great time in his Science lesson with Natalie...and his toys!

World Mental Health Day - #HelloYellow - 10th October 2019

Here at Queenswood Education Centre we are supporting World Mental Health Day to show young people they're not alone with their mental health. Staff, students and parents/carers were encouraged to wear something yellow, and pay £1 for the privilege. In total we raised nearly £50! A really big thank you for all those who supported us!

Raine's Work - April 2019

Raine's response to ‘Explore the language of the focus text through art’. This was based on the trailer to the film Avatar and accompanied writing a setting description using relative clauses.

Pizza Time! May 2019

Adam loved making pizza in The Learning Zone!

Wear Yellow Day - 21st June 2019

Our staff at The Learning Zone have taken their selfie for Wear Yellow Day, which is on the 21st June- in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Teaching at The Leeds Children's Hospital

Teaching staff and Learning Mentors at Leeds Children’s Hospital work very hard to ensure children in hospital continue their education by making lessons relevant, engaging and fun. They teach at the bedside and in the Learning Zone. Teachers deliver one to one lessons or group sessions in the core subjects in the Learning Zone. Students can also take part in cooking lessons, arts and crafts and keep up to date with technology. Teaching staff also get involved with hospital run awareness events like Wig Wednesday and Hand Hygiene. Music Mike comes in to the hospital on Wednesdays to play Ukuleles with students – this is always fun. Maybe we will uncover a hidden talent! Members of staff from the Leeds Discovery Centre also come in and show artefacts and old objects to students and explain what they are. Displays in the Learning Zone are always colourful and informative thanks to our artistic volunteers and staff. Summer activities also take place in the first two weeks of August. There is always a theme. 2016 was Olympics and The Rain forest. This year included Pirates and 'under the sea'. See separate item.

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