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Election Day!22 May 2015Election Day!Election fever arrived at John Jamieson as the whole school went to vote on Friday 8th May. The five candidates were out and about all day in a last minute attempt to secure those vital votes and tempt anyone still sitting on the fence!

The polling station opened at 9.00 a.m. and was extremely busy until it closed at 12 noon. In total 208 votes were cast and the result was extremely close indeed. In a whole school assembly the Returning Officer delivered the results – a win for the Chairs of Anfield Party by 8 votes! The focus of the candidate was equality for disabled sports people in terms of funding, prize monies and media coverage. Also, more teams and facilities in local areas and sports centres for disabled people to participate in.

Competitions for the best rosettes, bunting and manifestos saw a huge number of entries from across the whole school and judging was extremely difficult!

A great day was had by everyone!

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