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Parents/carers are encouraged to contact school whenever they need to discuss their child’s educational, social, physical or medical well-being. They are formally invited to meet teaching and therapy staff on Parents/Carers’ Evenings.

Home/school contact may be maintained by the use of individual home/school books, letters and regular newsletters.

Home visits are made by school staff and by therapists, who can offer advice on equipment and suitable therapy programmes.

We have parents coffee mornings and workshops. We have had sessions on a variety of subjects, e.g. Motability, Respite Care, behaviour, helping your child with maths and reading and Parent Partnership.

There are consultation evenings in October and June, to discuss your child's progress.

Parents/Carers and students in Yr9 and Yr10 are invited to a hands-on evening event in April to help choose Key Stage 4 Options for the coming year.

It is recognised that homework in its traditional sense may be inappropriate for some of our pupils, for whom the content of the school day already proves to be very demanding. Homework will be set in some instances, at the teachers’ discretion. We value support and encouragement from parents/carers at home, which can greatly enhance the progress of pupils. To this end, we inform parents/carers of the curriculum topics, literacy books and activities for the term ahead, and ask that you support the learning in those areas as far as practical.

Positive Behaviour
One of the major aims of the school is to foster a happy, relaxed atmosphere in which pupils, parents/carers and staff can work together. Good standards of behaviour and positive attitudes to learning are promoted within the school environment.

The school has a Behaviour for Learning Policy, which is shared with all staff. Additionally, staff are regularly trained in the safe handling of pupils.

The class teacher usually deals with inappropriate behaviour, supported by their Phease Leader. When necessary, a strategy to address such behaviour may be planned and communicated to all relevant staff and parents/carers so that a consistent approach is used. Any behaviour programme will be shared with parents/carers in the first instance.

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