John Jamieson School

John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty


An explanatory note should be sent to school following a pupil’s absence and the class teacher should be informed, in advance, of forthcoming hospital appointments, etc. We follow the SILC’s Attendance Policy. If there is an unexplained absence the school office will contact you.

Telephone messages may be left with school office staff to be passed on to the appropriate member of staff.

In line with the Department for Education policy of encouraging children to take full advantage of their educational opportunities, we discourage parents/carers taking their child out of school during term time. For an exceptional circumstance please complete a request form, available from the school office. 

Please note that all requests for holiday in term time are discretionary and are likely to be refused if:
  • your child's attendance is below 90% or a previously agreed target
  • the request is for more than 10 days in school time
  • the holiday is planned during a time when exams or tests are being carried out
  • if the proposed absence is during the month of September
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