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Partnership - Whitkirk

East SILC pupils are an integral part of the mainstream school; they proudly consider themselves a Whitkirk pupil which is an indicator of how included we are in school life.

To be on the role of the Partnership pupils need to have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The class have a wide range of ability and are from across the primary age range. We meet pupil’s learning needs by covering the KS1 and KS2 curriculum with education tailored to meet pupil’s individual needs. In addition to this, other professionals visit the Partnership where needed to assess and monitor pupils and set up individual programmes which are then delivered by East SILC staff during the school day.

The main opportunity for the Partnership pupils is that with the support of specialist East SILC staff they are included in learning, enrichment, social and day to day activities with mainstream peers. Each pupil in the Partnership is attached to one of their year group classes in the main school, which they then stay with until they leave primary at the end of year 6. All the Partnership pupils have their core learning in the base where learning is planned to meet individual needs. In class we use total communication, to enable pupils to most effectively access learning, communicate their needs, wishes, choices, opinions and feelings etc. Almost all of the pupils in class use verbal communication but a few pupils use Makaton, symbols and non-verbal gestures.

Pupils are included in a mainstream classroom working co-operatively in a group with their mainstream peers. They are also encouraged to take part in larger group events such as assemblies and school performances. Pupils attend lessons in their mainstream class on an afternoon as part of their personalised individual learning pathway plan. They are supported by a member of the Partnership staff team but are encouraged to work as independently as possible with mainstream peers. In addition, they join their inclusion class for enrichment days and activities, educational visits and assemblies. The class have lunch (which is a canteen arrangement) and playtime with the main school. At lunch playtime, the Partnership pupils join friends from the wider school to play a variety of activities, including football, basketball, playground games, ‘Scrapshed’ resources for imaginative play and they also use the climbing areas. Whitkirk has a very active PTA who organise many fund-raising events and social activities after school which the Partnership pupils also attend such as Halloween disco, summer and Christmas fairs. 

School Hours

Start - 8.45am

Finish - 3.15pm


 To see Whitkirk staff, please see the 'Our Staff' page

Term Dates

East SILC School Calendar 2023-24

Autumn Term

Autumn term 1 starts - Monday 4th September 2023

Autumn term 1 ends - Friday 27th October 2023


Autumn term 2 starts - Monday 6th November 2023

Autumn term 2 ends - Friday 22nd December 2023


Spring Term

Spring term 1 starts - Monday 8th January 2024

Spring term 1 ends - Friday 9th February 2024


Spring term 2 starts - Monday 19th February 2024

Spring term 2 ends - Thursday 28th March 2024


Summer Term

Summer term 1 starts - Monday 15th April 2024

May Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May 2024

Summer term 1 ends - Friday 24th May 2024


Summer term 2 starts - Monday 3rd June 2024

Summer term 2 ends - Friday 19th July 2024


School training days for academic year 2023-24

Monday 4th September 2023

Friday 27th October 2023

Monday 8th January 2024

Monday 22nd July 2024

Tuesday 23rd July 2024



Please visit the Whitkirk Primary school website for details of the uniform which has to be worn. Shoes must be black but an exception is made for the Partnership pupils if they have specialist footwear from the hospital. 


Photo Gallery

All photos taken by Lottie Bone Photography - 


All photos taken by Lottie Bone Photography -