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Partnership - Brigshaw

The Post 16 programme of study at East SILC Brigshaw has a core focus that is driven by the intention to prepare our learners for adulthood, whatever pathway the students are accessing. 

The students who attend Brigshaw High School East SILC provision have either previously attended the SILC in other settings or mainstream inclusion units. Most of the students are ready to work in a setting that promotes high expectations of behaviour and learning.  We work alongside students to support them to maximize opportunities for an autonomous lifestyle.  

Students are encouraged to take as much responsibility for their learning as possible and independence is encouraged at all academic levels. We want our students to take pride in achieving individualised targets that are attainable and appropriate yet aspirational.

The curriculum is underpinned by accredited and certified courses, but we encourage the learners and their parents/carers to have a say in what they want to learn so that the curriculum prepares learners for their individual futures. Skills that students identify they want to learn often include:

  • Self-help and independence skills development through cooking, financial responsibility, off-site leisure activities, enterprise activities and developing their understanding of adult feelings and emotions.
  • Physical/mobility development through off-site sporting/leisure activities.
  • Self-confidence through work–experience, internships, sports and physical activity, college link course opportunities and broader life experiences, such as residential visits and authentic adult opportunities,
  • Creative exploration and development, through music, dance, hair and beauty, Arts Award and enterprise .

We operate a bespoke programme of learning for our students that are working towards entering the world of employment.  This inspires a positive work ethic, self-sufficiency and a strong grounding of self-belief.

Our students work towards accreditation in ASDAN qualifications, with students able to work on modules within the Employability and Personal Social Development schemes of work. Students are also able to complete the ASDAN ‘My Independence’ certified course.

Students have opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award in silver and bronze, and all students work towards Arts Award accreditation. ASDAN short courses on English, Personal Finance, Workright, Foodwise and RSE are also delivered as appropriate.

Most of our students are working at Entry Levels 1-3 in these courses.

Students access a curriculum that is shaped by themselves as well as other stakeholders such as parents, carers and staff through consultation at the beginning of each academic year. We aim to provide a curriculum that focuses on students’ long-term aspirations and identifies appropriate steps that need to be made to progress towards achieving these aims.

All students have individual learning pathways and a bespoke curriculum is created around their long term EHCP outcomes and aspirations.

Where possible, we look to enhance students learning through off-site experiences, such as: college links courses, work experience, internships, community participation, independent travel and accessing local facilities. We also offer residential visits to London, Bendrigg Trust and Portugal.

The majority of our students are skilled communicators, but we do use a range of communication strategies with some students such as: AAC, Makaton and Widgit (writing with symbols) to support their receptive and expressive language skills and to enhance reading opportunities.

Our aim is to support our students to be able to go out into real-life situations and be able to articulate their wants and needs and to be able to express their emotions in an appropriate manner.  All our staff role model excellent communication throughout the day and in a range of scenarios (in the community, at work placements, etc.) and we develop strong working relationships with our students that are based on trust and mutual respect of one another as young adults. We encourage our students to develop their confidence to be able to communicate with others for a range of future-focused reasons, including group discussions and debate, communicating in formal situations such as interviews or in the workplace, social interaction and for self-advocacy.

The East SILC provision runs separately to the mainstream high school. However, we do take part in charitable events together, for example, we recently completed a sponsored fundraising event ‘Walk a Mile a Day’ to raise money for the new Rob Burrow Centre for MND.

The students at Brigshaw have a very outward facing curriculum, with a focus on learning out of the school setting where possible, but when in school, we have access to the canteen, the sports facilities and use of larger space such as the hall for special events. We also have on-site care and toilet facilities specifically designated for the use of SILC students. 

School Hours

Start - 8.40am

Finish - 2.50pm


 To see Brigshaw staff, please see the 'Our Staff' page

Term Dates

Leeds School Calendar 2022-23

Autumn Term

Autumn 1 starts - Monday 5th September 2022

Autumn 1 ends - Friday 21st October 2022

Autumn 2 starts - Monday 31st October 2022

Autumn 2 ends - Friday 16th December 2022


Spring Term

Spring 1 starts - Tuesday 3th January 2023

Spring 1 ends - Friday 10th February 2023

Spring 2 starts - Monday 20th February 2023

Spring 2 ends - Friday 31st March 2023


Summer Term

Summer 1 starts - Monday 17th April 2023

May Bank Holiday - Monday 1st May 2023

Summer 1 ends - Friday 26th May 2023

Summer 2 starts - Monday 5th June 2023

Summer 2 ends - Friday 21st July 2023


School training days for the academic year 2022-23:


Friday 25th November 2022

Monday 28th November 2022

Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Friday 17th March 2023

Monday 17th April 2023

Friday 30th June 2023 


Students at the Post 16 partnership at Brigshaw do not have to follow any uniform policy. However they have to wear sensible and appropriate clothing.


Photo Gallery

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