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Knowledge Organisers

Every pupil at John Jamieson will be issued with knowledge organisers for each subject covered, which captures all the key facts your child will be covering during each term. The knowledge organisers do not capture everything that is covered in lessons but outlines the key information that pupils will remember.

Knowledge organisers enable parents/carers to understand exactly what their child/ young person should understand and remember, to know what language they should use when discussing learning at home and to know how to support their child/ young person in learning about a topic.

Knowledge organisers:

  • Can be used as conversation starters to find out what has been learnt in school.
  • Support children/ young people to carry out independent tasks around the topic.
  • Enable us to become familiar with the key vocabulary around topics.



Jack Clark

 BFG Class

Elmer Class

Gruffalo Class

Kipper Class

Paddington Class

Supertato Class

Tigger Class

John Jamieson 

Bumblebees Class

Butterflies Class

Caterpillars Class

Dragonflies Class

Fireflies Class

Grasshoppers Class

Ladybirds Class


High School


 KS3 Art - L.S. Lowry



KS4 ASDAN - Gardening



KS3 Computing - Online Safety

KS4 Computing - Online Safety



KS3 Drama - MimeKS3 Drama - Trestle Mask



KS3 English - Michael Morpurgo

KS4 English - Romeo & Juliet


Food Technology



KS3 Humanities - Climate Zones



KS3 Maths - Addition and Subtraction to 10

KS3 Maths - Fractions

KS3 Maths - Number and Place Values to 10

KS3 Maths - Statistics

KS3 Maths - Time


KS4 Maths - Calendar and Time

KS4 Maths - GeometryKs4 Maths - MeasuresKS4 Maths - Statistics 

 Modern Foreign Languages

KS3 MFL - Free Time

KS3 MFL - My Routine


Physical Education

 KS3 PE - Cricket & AthleticsKS4 PE - Healthy Lifestyles



 KS3 PSHE - Celebrating DifferencesKS3 PSHE - Relationships and Sex Education (JJ)

KS3 PSHE - Relationships and Sex Education (RC)

KS4 PSHE - Respectful Relationships

KS4 PSHE - Wellbeing


Religious Education

KS3 RE - How Do Beliefs Affect Death and Mortality?

KS4 RE - Can Beliefs Ever Justify Religious Extremism?



KS3 Science - Earth & Space

KS3 Science - Plants for Life

KS4 Science - Energy, Forces and The Structure of Matter