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Severe Weather


If there has been severe weather overnight, please listen to the announcements on local radio stations. You can also visit the school website or the Leeds City Council website for further information. If the Executive Principal has taken the decision to close the school, you will receive a text through the ‘Teachers2Parents’ text service. Please make sure that school have the most up to date contact details for your household. If we decide that school is still open, you should decide whether it is safe for your child to get to school or not. Please ensure that your child is sent to school suitable dressed for their journey.

If school transport is not running in the morning, then the same transport will not be running in the afternoon. If you decide to bring your child into school when school transport is not running, it is the parent/carer’s responsibility to arrange transport home in the afternoon. If your child does stay at home, please follow normal absence procedures and telephone school.

If there is severe weather during the day, it may be necessary for pupils to leave school early. Should this be the case, we will contact parents/carers by telephone informing them that pupils are on their way home via school transport, or they need to be collected. In exceptional cases where we have not managed to contact parents we will still send them home and school transport will ensure that they are the last ones to be dropped off and will stay with your child until an adult arrives. Under no circumstances will a child be left in an empty house. However, if you could let school have an alternative contact number of a neighbour or friend who may be able to be at your house should you be unable to be there, we would be very grateful.

The safety of all children is our main priority, so if you feel the weather conditions may be too dangerous for them to be sent to school, please keep them at home.

If you have any queries with the above information, please get in touch.