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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to schools based on the number of pupils on roll known to be eligible for Free School Meals currently or who have claimed within the last five years, as well as pupils who have been adopted or looked after by the Local Authority.

We track pupils’ achievement closely and identify the academic challenges, and wider challenges that hinder attainment. Using strong evidence to inform our decision-making and our knowledge of the pupils, we have planned a tiered approach.

We have also planned for the use of wider approaches to provide support for non-academic barriers that may impact success in school.

The East SILC is committed to ensuring that all children have equality of access to resources in an inclusive environment.  We are committed to all children succeeding and believe that the Pupil Premium Grant enables the East SILC to achieve this goal. We have a duty to ensure that no group of children are disadvantaged due to their gender, ethnic origin or family income or background.

Schools have the freedom to spend the Pupil Premium Grant, which is additional to the underlying schools’ budget, in a way they think will best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils.

Our pupil population represents a divergent range of pupil need encompassing complex medical and physical needs, communication difficulties, behaviour, and emotional needs. Our curriculum and learning environment demonstrate a bespoke approach that reflects this and is demonstrated through the East SILC pathways to leaning; the sensory, towards independence, and the independent curriculum.

Our pupil premium funding allocation is used across the curriculum to support our most vulnerable pupils on their learning pathways with us. See report detailing allocation and impact.


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