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Online safety is an ever growing and changing area of interest and concern. The internet and related technologies, including mobile devices such as phones, gaming, media, tablets and watches, are developing rapidly and are integral to the daily lives of many of our pupils.

Many of these technologies are used to enable pupils to engage creatively with their learning. Socially, our pupils often use the internet for entertainment, interaction and communication with ‘friends’ – bringing about new risks which many adults were never faced with. It has never been more important for parents and carers to understand how their children use the internet and associated technologies, so that they can help to manage the risks that exist and reinforce the important online safety messages that we should all be promoting.

At East SILC, we take the safety of our pupils very seriously, including their safety while using mobile phones and the internet. We want this approach to spread to the home online environment too and we are therefore sharing with you some tips and resources to help guide your children, and help you keep up to date in this digital world.

Please get in touch with your child’s pastoral teacher if you have any worries or concerns.

Please see the link below from the NSPCC or the other links to specific e-safety guides: