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Vision & Values

Values, Aims and Ethos

Our ethos and values are at the core of everything we do.



We aim to enhance educational, physical, personal and spiritual development and well-being, by taking into account the individual needs of all pupils in the school environment. By working together as a multi-disciplinary team, the school aims to provide a holistic approach to learning.

Mission Statement/ Ethos
Personalised pathways to successful learning and continuous achievement.


  • Provide a safe, happy environment which supports the learning of every pupil.
  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum which is relevant and differentiated to meet the needs of the individual.
  • Write Individual Learning Pathway Plans (ILPP) and Individual Behaviour Programmes (IBP) (where necessary), which are shared with parents/carers and revised regularly throughout the year.
  • Communicate information using home-school books, diaries, letters and newsletters, Twitter or using parents/carers preferred form of communication.
  • Offer regular consultations to discuss pupil progress in addition to a pupil’s School Report, Education and Health Care Plan review meetings and Transition meetings.
  • Work with Children Leeds to ensure the provision of safe and efficient transport, if required.
  • Continue to extend mainstream opportunities for inclusion across the key stages.
  • Continue to extend work-related learning experiences for older pupils.


Core Values

At the East SILC we believe that ‘Every Day is a Chance to SUCCEED’. We provide a bespoke system that underpins and runs throughout our core values for staff, pupils and all stakeholders.

Support - support and provide opportunities for all pupils and staff members to maximise their potential

Understanding – understand the individual needs of all our pupils

Compassion – awareness, kindness and providing positivity for self-worth

Commitment – commitment to the learning and growth of all staff through Professional Development and delivering a personalised learning experience for all pupils

Empathy – to understand or feel what another person is experiencing

Enjoyment – exciting and meaningful learning and enthusiasm for work

Dignity – respecting feelings, cultures and values and treat each other as individuals. We promote the right to feel valued and respected.