Physical Difficulties & Medical Services

The East SILC is recognized as a leading innovator in the use of Assistive Technology to enable students with diverse physical difficulties to access the curriculum. "Thanks so much for your contribution yesterday! Lots of positive feedback!" Katie Harrison Senior Education Consultant, Crick Software.

Shelby is pioneering a Facial Recognition Control system in Leeds..Touchscreens are ideal for cause & effect activities..Three post 16 students demonstrate very different technology solutions..Scaffolding supporting early literacy..EyeGaze systems have made huge strides in recent months..

Service Evaluation

We are very keen to receive feedback from schools and healthcare professionals on the effectiveness of our service and to listen to suggestions as to how the service could be improved. We invite SENCos, teachers and healthcare professionals to complete a very brief evaluation of an ICT Access Assessment or continuing support assessment for a student with complex needs on the evaluation form below.
Physical Difficulty & Medical Service

ICT Access Assessment and Report evaluation.
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this evaluation...

Question Answer


This might include telephone conversations about the pupil, ideas for materials to be used, invitations to parents/carers to attend etc.

Tests, observations, solutions, advice etc.

Layout, level of detail, recommendations etc.


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