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John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty

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Photo Albums 2012-14

Golden Owl Awards 2014

Photographs from the Golden Owls Awards ceremony at Leeds Town Hall. Students from the East SILC John Jamieson School won in the Media Fish Category for their film 'Our Life, Their Lives'. It will be shown alongside major films in the Leeds Young Film Festival from 31st March to 11th April 2014.


Produce grown by our students in horticulture sessions.

Photo Albums 2013-14

Soft Play

Here are photographs of our new soft play area. Newly refurbished - Opened March.


The annual Letís Get Cooking BIG Cookathon aims to get as many people cooking together on the same day as possible. This year we were encouraged to cook a Vegetable or Chicken Korma.

The Big Draw

The Campaign for Drawing has one aim: to get everyone drawing! Drawing helps us to understand the world, to think, to feel, to shape and communicate ideas. The Campaign shows that it is fun, accessible to everyone and invaluable - in education and everyday life. The Campaign's annual Big Draw festival runs throughout October. Over 1400 organisations in the UK and twenty other countries participate - offering events for all ages and abilities.


For 10 weeks, pupils of John Jamieson had the oppertunity to work with alongside successful sportsmen. They have now successfully completed their project. Well done! Paul Broadbent, Rugby League star who represented England and Great Britain visited John Jamieson and worked with a group of KS3 & KS4 pupils on their rugby skills. A group of pupils had the opportunity to visit Lee Murtagh's boxing gym for 10 weeks. Lee Murtagh is the Irish Light Middleweight Champion and Founder of Bethlehem Boxing Club. Lee has a diversity of interests including personal training, professional boxing trainer and Boxing Promoter through Saoirse Promotions.

Signs of Spring at last

The KS4 Creative Digital Media Option group have been looking for signs of Spring around school. They took these photographs around the school grounds on the first sunny day of the year.


Interplay are a theatre company with a 40 year history of engaging audiences in theatre and other art forms, creating performances that place the audience at the centre of the experience. Interplay spend a lot of time working with schools across the country. They are best known nationally for their touring shows, taking the experience of theatre into special schools and developing a technique of unlocking the five senses in order to access young people with severe learning disabilities.

P7 - Apollo Canal Cruise

P7 enjoyed a trip along the River Aire through the magnificent Leeds waterfront area aboard the historic narrowboat Apollo.

Wetherby Market

Pupils and staff have been working hard all year, growing and tending to plants to sell on our annual Wetherby market stall.


Pupils are enjoying their sailing lessons this term at Otley Sailing Club.

Photo Albums 2011-12

Connecting Classrooms

In November we enjoyed a two day 'Applied Thinking and Creativity' project, in which we learnt about South Africa and Ghana. This year we are sharing work with a school in each of these countries. In December a book created by the children and gifts will be taken out by teachers from other Leeds schools, who are involved in the project.

Sailing in 16+

Gilly Trier, Our Assistant Principal and experienced sailor, has been taking a group of 16+ students sailing once a week as part of their Leisure morning. Students learnt health & safety rules as well as sailing the boats.

Carol Concert 2011

John Jamieson School presented a fantastic carol concert on Wednesday 14th December at St.Edmund's Church. We would like to say a big thank you to all the family and friends who came to support the pupils. Fantastic!

Leeds Lord Mayor's Concert 2011

Latest News

 Motor Activities Training Programme Challenge Event

Motor Activities Training Programme Challenge Event

On Thursday March 22nd, we hosted the Motor Activities Training Programme Challenge Event. Groups came from the South SILC, the NW SILC and the West...

CPR Kits in School

CPR Kits in School

Our fantastic new CPR kits have arrived . They will be used throughout school to teach pupils the correct way to do CPR. Many thanks to the...

HS7 Choir Perform at Conference

HS7 Choir Perform at Conference

 Today, HS7 sang and signed 'I Love My Life' in front of various professionals at The Mindfulness Conference in Leeds. HS7 were...

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