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John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty

Mainstream Partnerships

Mainstream Partnerships
Pupils should be taught in the least restricted and most appropriate setting. This would usually be the pupil’s local mainstream school, but we know that not all schools can meet the needs of all pupils. We feel that a partnership school which brings together the expertise of both the SILC and the mainstream school is the next best option. The partnership model provides our children the opportunity to have their learning needs met in an inclusive environment while still being supported by our specialist staff, ensuring that they make good progress in many areas.
We have developed several successful inclusion partnerships across all age-groups in order to ensure that all pupils on roll at the East SILC are provided with the best opportunities for learning. The curriculum is delivered in our specialist bases located in the mainstream schools and, where appropriate, within mainstream classes.
  • Primary - Whitkirk Primary School
  • High School - Temple Moor High School
  • Post-16 - Brigshaw High School
Benefits of mainstream inclusion partnerships:
  • Opportunities for pupils with special needs to be educated and socialise alongside their mainstream peers – joining in mainstream lessons where appropriate, being part of a class/tutor group, able to join mainstream school clubs, etc.
  • Opportunities for pupils with special needs to become more independent, finding their way around a larger building, buying their own lunch, etc.
  • More age-appropriate role models for pupils with special educational needs, including behaviour, social skills, image and friendships.
  • Good resources for communication skills, including speaking and listening skills.
  • Real-life opportunities to develop interpersonal skills.
  • A wider range of curriculum experiences.
  • Increased awareness of disability across the mainstream school and wider community.
  • Brings together the expertise of two different education sectors where good practice can be shared and developed.
If you are interested in finding out more about our mainstream partnerships, please contact June Wilson (Assistant Principal) on 0113 390 0770 (Ext 274).

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