Medical Needs Teaching Service

Leeds Children's Hospital: The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is based on the 'B' Floor, Clarendon Wing and is well equipped to deliver specialist primary, secondary and SEN teaching.

A quiet study and independent research area, specialist English, maths, science and technology facilities and a suite of computers with Internet access and many software packages, enhances learning experiences and provides a broad curriculum.

If the children and young people are well enough they can attend the schoolroom in the morning and the afternoon, otherwise they will receive a visit from the education team and some appropriate educational activity will then be brought to them on the ward. For long term and recurrent children and young people there is liaison with their school, in order to determine initial assessment levels and curriculum details. After discharge we can advise the school on helping their children and young people re-integrate and arrange home teaching if necessary. The progress of the children and young people in collaboration with the Medical Needs Teaching Service is fed back to the mainstream school.

The childrens’ wards have a mixture of short term and long stay children and young people. The children and young people have a wide range of conditions, as the hospital is the regional centre for the treatment of cancer, renal and liver failure, acquired brain injuries, cystic fibrosis and cardiac conditions.

Leeds Children's Hospital: Access To Education

Medical Needs Teaching Service Staff liaise with medical and health therapists, as part of a multidisciplinary team, to ensure the most appropriate educational provision for each child and young person.  Teaching takes place on the wards, at the bedside and in the The Learning Zone. Education staff have a presence in some clinics and work in an outreach capacity to ensure smooth reintegration for the more complex cases. The NHS ward staff identify the children and young people who are medically fit to receive education.

St. James' University Hospital

Ward 94 at St James University Hospital is the Teenage Cancer Trust Young Adult Unit. It is custom built to meet all of the needs of the 18-25 year old cancer patients.

Recognising that they are at a formative time in their lives the unit gives extra support to help them through their cancer journey. Education is an important part of this. Many of the young people are at an important stage of college, university or career decisions and the Specialist Learning Mentor is there to support and assist with all of the practical aspects of this from giving support in big decisions and applications to contacting colleges, universities and workplaces and advocating on the young person’s behalf.

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