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International Intensive Interaction week 10-16th October 2016: Day 615 Oct 2016International Intensive Interaction week 10-16th October 2016: Day 6Intensive interaction 'flash mob' success! 

We were pleased to welcome 19 students and their staff interaction partners to our Intensive interaction flash mob on Thursday.  We were able to share this event with some visitors to the school, non-teaching staff including Marianne Tharby (Family Support Worker) and Gavin Shaw (Behaviour Support Worker), and a student nurse. We had student representatives from our Primary, High School and Post 16 phases. Our youngest attendee was four years old and our oldest participant (not including staff!) was 17 years old. Intensive interaction can be used for children and adults of any age.  

We took over the hall at 1.30pm on Thursday afternoon. We had some music choices on in the background and lots of students enjoyed dancing, clapping and singing along. One of our students left the event and said 'I had a good time today' which was a very positive outcome. We want all our students to be able to enjoy social interaction and develop their skills so they can engage in a positive way with others. Intensive interaction can support us to achieve this for many of our students. 

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