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International Intensive Interaction week 10-16th October 2016: Day 413 Oct 2016International Intensive Interaction week 10-16th October 2016: Day 4Day 4: Intensive Interaction 'Flash mob' and What might Intensive interaction look like?

Today in school everyone is very excited as we are hoping to break a John Jamieson record. After lunch we will be hosting our first ever Intensive Interaction 'flash mob' in the hall. We hope to get the most ever students and staff participating in intensive interaction all at one time. There will be vocalizing, laughing, eye contact, running, jumping, dancing, singing and more! Please see the list below for more things that will be happening. We have invited all staff to join us for the event as want to share intensive interaction with as many people as possible. Photos to follow...

What might Intensive interaction look like?

Intensive interaction may include:
  • Sharing personal space (e.g. sitting together)
  • Imitation (e.g. echoing words/vocalizations)
  • Physical contacts (e.g. holding or squeezing hands)
  • Eye contact (e.g. playing peekaboo)
  • Joint action (e.g. play with a ball)
  • Exchanging facial expressions
  • Turn taking (e.g. making noises back and forth)
  • Joint focus (e.g. looking at objects together)
  • Burst pause sequences (use a pause, leave space for a response (could be non-verbal), to build anticipation and expectancy e.g. ‘Ready, steady, go’ games)

Please see our attachment on ‘Intensive interaction activity examples’ for types of activities you may see in intensive interaction. If you would like to see what intensive interaction looks like in practice then please visit ‘YouTube’ and search for ‘Dave Hewett Intensive interaction’ to see examples.

For more information please speak to your Speech and Language therapist, look at our Intensive interaction section on the website or visit

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