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How to keep your child safe on line is a concern shared by many parents and carers.

2014 saw the launch of Internet Matters, a world-leading child internet safety organisation founded by the UK’s four major broadband providers; BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin. The not-for-profit organisation sees the ‘big four’ put aside competition and join forces for the first time, to help parents safely navigate the internet with their children. The move will cement the UK’s position as a world-leader on child internet safety, advising parents to ‘learn about it, talk about it, deal with it’.

Research conducted by Internet Matters revealed that 74% of parents want more information and advice about online safety, with their preference for this information being made available to them online. To meet this demand, has been created as a one-stop hub, directing parents to valuable help and advice from the leading experts at organisations and charities in the child internet safety field. It will act as a single authoritative resource on child online safety. The initiative will encourage the wider technology industry, experts, policy makers and parents to work together to establish world-leading resources for parents which are effectively sign-posted. The idea is not to scare monger but to equip parents with the information they need to make informed decisions.

The site can be found at

Online Safety

A collection of short videos made by CEOP and other organisations dedicated to keeping children safe on line. It is recommended that parents and carers watch a selection of these videos alongside the children they care for so that they can discuss the issues raised...

On - line Safety videos

A series of films made in the UK and Australia. All deal with real digital world issues which can get children and young adults into difficulties leading to embarrassment, worry, and real physical and emotional harm.

Jigsaw, a film suitable for 8 to 10 year olds
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Digital Dirt, a short film in which a girl misbehaves on Facebook and is surprised at an interview for a job she wants.. Suitable for 11yrs+
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How to be secure and safe on Facebook. Suitable for all ages.
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How a photo can ruin a reputation. Suitable for 11yrs+
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Grooming which leads to sexual exploitation. Suitable for young teenagers.
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Sexting. Once you have uploaded a photo you have lost control. A hard hitting film for teenagers.
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