John Jamieson School

John Jamieson is an open and welcoming, generic, all age Special School and National Teaching School which caters for pupils with a learning difficulty

Pathways to Learning and Curriculum Webs

Our curriculum and learning environment demonstrates a bespoke approach that reflects the divergent needs of our pupils. This is demonstrated through the East SILC pathways to learning; the sensory, towards independence, and the independent curriculum. These pathways reflect the experience of learning encountered by our young people from entry through to aspiring destinations. Planning, curriculum webs, and Individual Learning Pathway Plans reflect the pathways and demonstrate our commitment to delivering a highly individualised learning experience for our pupils.

We have a three year long term plan to show our broad and balanced curriculum. The long term plan indicates what aspects of the curriculum are taught at each phase, key stage and by pathway.

Specific Pathways

Below is an overview of all aspects of our specific pathways.

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Our Achievements